Cloud Infrastructure


At Aptino, we understand that implementing DevOps can be challenging. With our experience as a DevOps Consulting partner, we facilitate rapid onboarding of applications by automating delivery pipeline management and continuous integration and development across cloud platforms.

Through our comprehensive consulting services, we can help you develop an effective strategy for the adoption and implementation of DevOps practices across your organization. We analyze your current architecture and operations environment to create an optimal workflow solution tailored specifically to your needs. Most importantly, our experienced team will guide you through setting up automation pipelines, deploying applications securely, and establishing a consistent development procedure which will drive long term success.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Management

Businesses considering cloud computing have a multitude of alternatives when it comes to building their infrastructure and choosing the appropriate cloud architecture. Numerous organizations utilize hybrid cloud models and multi-cloud methods as opposed to a single-cloud architecture. With our Hybrid- and Multi-Cloud planning services, Aptino can assist you in evaluating your current network architecture and transitioning your organization to the optimal cloud model in a safe and secure manner.

Aptino provides the ideal containerization strategy and support to accelerate the adoption of container solutions by comprehending your challenges and opportunities. Through the use of managed container services, your company can quickly and easily create new applications and re-package existing ones into containers. We choose and implement the most appropriate containerization solutions, including containerized microservices, containerization in DevOps, containerization in application modernization and migration, and containerization in cloud computing.