Aptino offers a variety of services to its clients and takes a similar approach to ensuring success: understanding your business and challenges, assisting with defining detailed requirements, implementing an innovative process that focuses on quality throughout the delivery process, and continuous communication.

Managed Direct Sourcing

Aptino offers fully outsourced Managed Direct Sourcing (MDS) to buyers of Contingent Labor through the use of a cloud-based intelligent direct sourcing technology platform resulting in improved quality of hire, accelerated time-to-hire, and reduced cost and program spend. Aptino's MDS solution can provide zero out of pocket investment for our clients while competing with your existing supplier base within your MSP and/or VMS environment (where applicable). Aptino's curation team engages with its client at the start of the process with detailed requirement / position qualification to ensure alignment for success. Aptino's curation team assists with the attraction, engagement and management of legacy, incumbent, and external talent through the utilization of an AI technology platform. The AI platform builds and manages integrated secure, private, client-branded talent pools. Aptino provides the human integration to perform numerous quality checks to ensure high quality of a hire.

Recruitment Services

Aptino provides Contingent Labor, Contract for Hire, and Direct Hire services to assist its clients with providing niche or hard to find expertise, scaling workforce quickly for major projects, and filling gaps in talent needed. Aptino uses an intelligent technology platform to automate and accelerate the attraction, engagement, and management of talent while providing human integration focusing on qualifying what is needed and ensuring quality throughout the process. Aptino has proven experience in the areas of Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Data and Analytics, COTS Development, Infrastructure Services, and QA/Test Automation.

Payrolling Services

Aptino provides fully managed Employer of Record (EOR) and Agency of Record (AOR) services to its clients nationwide. Aptino's Payrolling Services allows its clients to reduce time, expense, and risk through providing a platform that consolidates any/all independent contingent labor and niche vendors under a single Point of Contact (POC) and standardized process of onboarding, time and expense tracking, invoicing and payment. Aptino provides human resource management, benefits administration, workers compensation and risk management, and compliance services that include full payroll processing with web payroll access (including employee self-service), W-2 processing (including electronic distribution), benefits and deduction processing, and federal, state and local payroll tax processing and compliance.

IT SOW Project Services

Aptino provides project based and Statement of Work (SOW) services to its clients nationwide. Successful initiatives require the right combination of direction and execution. Aptino understands the importance of defining a detailed SOW upfront to ensure clear requirements and expectations in order to deliver a successful project. Aptino can lead your project, provide co-managed services, or provide a team for a fast-track initiative. Whether you are looking for assistance with Modernization, Digital Transformation, Automation and Optimization of applications and processes, Aptino is here to deliver!